Activities 02.09.2020.

The modular “Oganj” will considerably improve our rocket artillery

In the presence of the Minister of Defense, Aleksandar Vulin, at the proving ground of the Technical Test Center in Nikinci, as a part of the internal tests of the Modular Self-propelled Multiple Rocket Launcher System MLRS M18 OGANJ, the guided missile Alas with IR homing head was launched to check the characteristics of the ground missile guidance station and the integration of containers and pertaining electronic equipment with the weapon system.

The missile has a very modern aerodynamic configuration, a combined power pack (solid booster motor and turbo jet sustainer motor), a modern concept of guidance resistant to jamming (inertial navigation in the initial and middle phase of flight, thermal imaging head for final homing connected to the ground station by optical cable and radio link), a maximum range of up to 25 kilometers and it is intended for the destruction of armored as well as stationary fortified targets. The missile Alas was fired at a stationary target at a distance of 10.5 kilometers. The test is one from a series of required number of launches and was performed as a continuation of previous tests with inert and programmed trajectory missiles of this type. The test was successful.

The modular "Oganj" is in the final stage of internal testing. After the successful completion of the final tests, it is expected to be introduced into the armament of the Serbian Army. It is a highly automated artillery weapon, which, apart from the upgrades achieved in the previous version - MLRS M17 "Digitalized Oganj", possesses new combat capabilities and will significantly improve the capabilities of our rocket artillery. It can fire all types of existing unguided rockets available to the Serbian Army, including 40-kilometer rockets that have already been developed, rockets with the range of 50 kilometers that are in development, as well as rockets with a correctable trajectory and guided missiles. The missile Alas is a development project of the company Jugoimport-SDPR, J.P.

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