News 02.08.2020.

Lazar, Milos and Modular Rifle - with Synergy towards Increasing the Efficiency of Serbian Troops

A demonstration of live firing with an automatic modular rifle 6.5/7.62 mm was given at the test range in Nikinci, as well as with some other small arms that were introduced or are to be introduced into the Serbian Army.

This demonstration was also attended by the Serbian Defense Minister Aleksandar Vulin.

Members of the Special Operations Brigade, began the exercise with the multi-purpose tactical armored vehicle "Milos" and on that occasion demonstrated fast disembarking, forming of the firing line, high firepower and precision when using their firearms and re-embarking the vehicle by means of a ramp.

The vehicle was hailed as highly reliable, comfortable, with good off-road capabilities, allowing the solders to easily get in and out and assume a battle formation, and it was pointed out that the arrival of vehicle "Milos" in this unit will significantly improve its combat capabilities and facilitate the execution of its tasks. The 4x4 armored infantry fighting vehicle "Milos" will be a great asset for the members of the special units.

The live firing demonstration in Nikinci was carried out from both armored fighting vehicles, "Lazar 3" and "Milos", using the modular automatic rifle at the distance of 100, 200, 300 and 500 meters, as well as shooting from a moving vehicle at the side targets through the firing ports on the vehicle to simulate anti-ambush operations in populated areas.

The demonstration of the multi-purpose armored fighting vehicle "Lazar 3", which is already in the service of the Serbian Armed Forces, as well as the multi-purpose tactical armored vehicle "Milos" proved that they can withstand the challenges of a modern battlefield, and safely transport infantry during combat.

The synergy of modern personal firearms and armored vehicles is thus demonstrated to contribute to the increase in the efficiency of Serbian troops.

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