Activities 27.10.2016.

International Exhibition INDODEFENCE 2016, Jakarta - Indonesia

Jugoimport-SDPR took part in "INDODEFENCE 2016" international trade show in Jakarta, Indonesia, from 2 to 5 November 2016.
INDODEFENCE is mostly a regional event. Jugoimport-SDPR was pleased to present its development and production programs, and technological capabilities, as well as those of the entire Serbian defense industry and manufacturers of complex weapon systems to the Indonesian MoD and the MoD's of other Southeast Asia countries.

We placed a special emphasis on conventional artillery weapons, such as NORA-B/52, rocket artillery, wheeled combat vehicles and the pertaining armaments and subsystems, ammunition, gunpowder and explosives, VB-10 personal weapons, anti-tank guided systems, helicopter weapons, aircraft subsystems, aluminum patrol boats and multi-role boats etc.

Many delegations and partners from different countries visited Jugoimport-SDPR's stand where a number of meetings and presentations was held.

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