Activities 07.10.2016.

International Exhibition ADEX 2016, Baku - Azerbaijan

A typically national exhibition, "АDEX 2016" was held in Baku, Azerbaijan from 27 to 30 September.

Jugoimport-SDPR J. P. took part in this show as the integrator of the Serbian defense industry, and was accompanied with the representatives of Zastava Arms, Sloboda, Milan Blagojevic, Prva iskra, Prva petoletka and a Serbian MoD team.

The main objective was to present the development programs, the manufacturing portfolio and the technological capabilities of both Jugoimport-SDPR and the Serbian defense industry to different Azerbaijani institutions, including the Ministrу of Defense, Ministry of Interior, R&D centers and defense companies.

A particular emphasis was placed on conventional artillery weapons – NORA B-52 family, multi-role armored vehicle Lazar, rocket artillery, weapons and other fighting vehicle sub-systems, ammunition; the equipment presented included infantry weapons and the Future Soldier VB-10 program, gunpowder and explosives production.

Various meetings and presentations were held during the exhibition.

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