Activities 12.03.2018.

International Defence Exhibition UMEX 2018, Abu Dhabi - UAE

The international exhibition of armament and military equipment "UMEX 2018" was held in the period from 25 to 27 February 2018.

As UMEX 2018 is one of the largest international fairs of armament and military equipment for unmanned water, air and ground systems, the goal of the participation at this exhibition was to present the development and production programs as well as the technological capabilities of Jugoimport-SDPR and the Defense Industry of Serbia to a wide circle of visitors.

The models of unmanned systems which have been developed or are still under development by Jugoimport-SDPR, the Military Technical Institute and the Defence Industry of Serbia were at the core of the promotional activity at the exhibition. In addition to the unmanned systems, other complex combat systems for which the host country and some neighboring countries expressed their interest were presented through presentational modules, posters and films.

Among the systems presented were: "Lazar 3" multi-purpose armoured vehicle, 155 mm NORA self-propelled howitzer, "Milos" multi-purpose armoured vehicle, patrol boats, as well as "LASTA" aircraft from the development and production programs of Jugoimport-SDPR as a system integrator.

A number of successful meetings and presentations took place during the exhibition. Jugoimport-SDPR's exhibition booth was attended by a large number of commercial visitors and foreign delegations, in particular Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, as well as the delegations from Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Egypt, Belarus and Mauritius.

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