Activities 12.04.2017.

International Defence Exhibition LAAD 2017, Rio de Janeiro, FR Brazil

Jugoimport-SDPR participated in the international defense exhibition „LAAD 2017" in Rio de Janeiro, FR Brazil from 4 to 7 April 2017.

The main goal was to present the development and production programs of Jugoimport-SDPR J.P. and the defense industry of Serbia to a wide audience at one of the most significant defense exhibitions in Latin America - „LAAD 2017".

Special emphasis was laid on the following exhibits of Jugoimport-SDPR and the Serbian defense industry: multi-role armored vehicle Lazar 3, SP 155 mm Howitzer NORA, patrol boats, future soldier program, UAVs, Miloš armored vehicle, mortars and mortar ammunition, multiple rocket launchers, aircraft, a range of artillery, medium-range and anti-personnel ammunition and arms, ballistic equipment etc.

The exhibition featured the highest achievements on the global defense market, which indicate the future trends in the development of defense equipment.

The number of exhibitors, being exact indicators of the scope of exhibitions, reached 600 exhibitors and over 37,000 visitors at „LAAD 2017".

Jugoimport-SDPR's stand was visited by more than 20 delegations and by high numbers of commercial visitors.

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