Activities 28.02.2019.

International Defence Exhibition “IDEX 2019”, Abu Dhabi – UAE

The 14th International Defence Exhibition "IDEX 2019" was held in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates, in the period from 17th to 21st February.

There were more than 1,300 exhibitors from more than 60 countries among which Jugoimport-SDPR appeared as the integrator of the Serbian Defence Industry, presenting the new achievements and development projects of our Defense Industry in one place.

The Serbian Defence Minister, Mr. Aleksandar Vulin, and his team also visited the exhibition and the stand of our company.

All major companies of the Serbian Defence Industry were gathered at the Jugoimport-SDPR’s stand, including: Edepro, PTT Namenska, Yumko, Pneumatik fleks, Servotek, Sloboda, Horus, Tactical Training Team, HC Krušik, Senzor Infiz, Prva Iskra, EiOpek, Vigor, Mile Dragic etc.

The display at the exhibition was impressive. The exhibition stand itself was structured in two levels covering nearly 1000 m2 and it was located at a very favorable position.

Some products had their premier at this exhibition, including: multi-purpose armored vehicle 8x8 "LAZAR 3" with rocket launcher "RALAS" and unmanned aerial vehicle "ALEKS" (belonging to the category of small UAVs - weighing only thirty kilograms), as well as the already recognizable "STRŠLJEN" (HORNET) which attracted a lot of attention of the official international delegations, as well as foreign partners and the commercial visitors.

A particular emphasis was placed on the wheeled vehicles: multi-purpose 8x8 armored vehicle  "LAZAR 3" equipped with remote controlled station and machine gun 12.7 mm, 4x4 vehicle "MILOŠ" with remote controlled station and machine gun 12.7 mm, the armament and subsystems of combat vehicles; as well as the artillery – primarily 155 mm/52 self-propelled gun howitzer "NORA-B/52", rocket artillery, propellant and explosive production, infantry weapons and the VB-10 program, anti-tank guided weapons, helicopter armament, aviation subsystems, fast patrol and multi-purpose boats, classical ammunition, etc.

A series of successful meetings and presentations were held during the exhibition and a large number of commercial visitors and foreign delegations visited the Jugoimport-SDPR’s stand.


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