Activities 09.10.2015.

Impressions gained from the 7th International Defence Exhibition “Partner 2015”

The seventh defence exhibition “Partner 2015” was held in June 2015 at the Belgrade Fair, under the auspices of the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Serbia and Jugoimport-SDPR as a co-organizer. The purpose of the exhibition was to present the armament and the defence equipment of the Serbian Army and the products produced by Jugoimport-SDPR in cooperation with the defence industry factories. A total of 116 exhibitors, out of which 24 were foreign companies, presented their program at the complex with a closed area of 17.710 m2 and in the open space covering 5000 m2.

The following companies participated in the exhibition together with Jugoimport-SDPR, as an integrator of the Serbian defence industry: “Complex Combat Systems” d.o.o., “Belom” Production Unit, “PMC inženjering” d.o.o., IMK “14. Oktobar” a.d., HC “Krušik”, “Kovački Centar” d.o.o., Milan Blagojević – namenska a.d., “PPT – namenska” a.d., “Prva Iskra – namenska proizvodnja” a.d., “Prvi Partizan” a.d., “Senzor Infiz” d.o.o., “Sloboda” a.d., “Teleoptik Žiroskopi” d.o.o., “Trayal korporacija” a.d., “UTVA”  Aircraft Industry d.o.o., “Zastava Oružje”, “Aero East Europe”, “Aleks Armor”, “Bexing” d.o.o., “EiOpek” a.d., the Faculty of Electronic Engineering Niš, “Elektro Umi” d.o.o., “FAP Corporation” a.d., “Gepard” d.o.o., “Gosi International”, ”INSA” a.d., “Iritel” a.d., “Korpiko Footwear”, “KODŽIĆ & Co.” d.o.o., “Majkić” d.o.o., “Patrimons Automotiv” d.o.o., “Pimi” d.o.o., “Pitura” d.o.o., “Pneumo-logic” d.o.o., “Pneumatik-flex” d.o.o., “Sova Night Vision System” d.o.o., “Servoteh” d.o.o., “Status Still”, “Tigar” a.d., “Tactical Training Team” d.o.o., “Vatrosprem” d.o.o., “Vigor” d.o.o., “SZR Vlajković”, “Yumco” a.d., “NBS – Institute for manufacturing banknotes and coins”, Zastava Trucks”d.o.o.  

At the modernly designed stand of Jugoimport-SDPR, the visitors of this year’s exhibition were introduced to the promotional material of our company in the form of brochures and video material. The following weapons were presented: 155mm self-propelled gun howitzer NORA-B52K1, 155mm SP gun howitzer NORA-B52KI, ammunition re-supply vehicle for 155 mm SP gun howitzer, combat armoured vehicle BOV M11, combat armoured vehicle LAZAR 2, self-propelled howitzer SOKO, Armoured wheeled vehicle, light river patrol boat, Lasta aircraft with armament (two 12.7 mm pods, 57mm rocket launcher and FAB 100), basic training aircraft, ALAS, surveillance radar  PR-15 (modernized), encryption device, BR B-3 128 mm unguided rocket family M15 with warheads HEAT/HE Dual purpose, HE. Other exhibited equipment includes: AEG, GRS, muzzle velocity radar, equipment for the Future Soldier VB 10, 105 mm self-propelled howitzer SH 4, 105 mm howitzer M56/33, 105 mm howitzer M2A1/33, converted 130/55 mm gun, Tank M84AB1, De-mining tank MUNJA, SILA aircraft.       

“Partner 2015” Exhibition and Jugoimport-SDPR’s stand was visited by many delegations and our competent staff was willing to introduce all the visitors to the activities our company, our production program, and activities of the companies which cooperate with Jugiomport-SDPR. The delegations from the following countries visited “Partner 2015”: Brazil, Mexico, Ucraine, USA, Italy, Austria, Russia, Belarus, France, Slovenia, Croatia, Belgium, Turkey, Romania, Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Bulgaria, Pakistan, Iraq, Azerbaijan, Ghana, Myanmar, Algeria, UAE, Egypt, Malawi, Zambia, Lebanon, Jordan and Congo.       


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