Events 15.07.2019.

Demonstration of Defense Equipment on the Occasion of Jugoimport-SDPR's 70th Anniversary

For its 70th anniversary, Jugoimport-SDPR organized a live firing demonstration in Nikinci on 26 June 2019 for a number of foreign delegations that came for the Partner 2019 Defense Exhibition. Minister of Defense, Aleksandar Vulin, was also present.

This was an opportunity to promote both Jugoimport-SDPR's in-house and Serbian defense industry development projects and equipment.

The demonstration was opened with flying Lasta trainers, followed by G-4 aerobatic maneuvers and descents and by launching a new version of well-known 128 mm Munja rockets M15 at a stationary target.

In a simulated tactical scenario, i.e. terrorist attack in an urban area, the members of the Special Operation Forces (SAJ) demonstrated firing with the CZ999 pistol and the pump-action shot-gun.

The esteemed guests were able to see the performance of Lazar-3 armored vehicle and Milos unmanned vehicle, used in the exercise as platforms for shooting from the machine-gun remote-controlled weapon stations at different targets.

The fire-power of the 155 mm self-propelled Gun-Howitzer NORA B52 was also demonstrated by live firing.

The wide range of demonstrated defense products included Sova aircraft, PASARS AA artillery system, Malyutka 2F and 2T5 missiles, cal. 6.5 modular rifles with the optical and video sight, new sniper rifles, various types of ammunition and fire support systems...

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