News 25.04.2019.

Demonstration of armaments and military equipment in “Nikinci” testing ground

Testing ground "Nikinci" hosted a successful two-day demonstration of armaments and military equipment (A&ME) from domestic production range, including live firing.

The demonstration was organized for members of delegations of several partner countries who were interested in better understanding of technical and operational characteristics of A&ME produced by Serbian defense industry.

The first day of the demonstration was dedicated to live firing with artillery-rocket systems: modernized multiple launchers firing "Oganj" and "GRAD 2000" rockets, 155 mm self-propelled gun-howitzers (SPGH) "Nora B52", and rocket system "Alas".

During the real-time live firing, the targets were succesfully hit by a missile "Alas", as well as by 40 km range projectiles fired from SPGH "Nora B52", and 20 km range unguided rockets fired from modernized rocket launchers "Oganj".

On the second day of the demonstration, the live firing was performed from 12.7 mm remotely controlled weapon station (RCWS) of the 8x8 armored vehicle "Lazar 3", and 4x4 armored vehicle "Milos".

Also used in the demonstration were next-generation small arms, unmanned platform "Little Milos" using 2T and 2F anti-tank guided missiles (ATGM), and short-range air defense system "PASARS".

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