News 27.06.2019.

Aircraft Development & Manufacturing Contracts Signed at „PARTNER 2019“ Defense Exhibition

„Utva Aircraft Industry", a company owned by „Jugoimport–SDPR", signed contracts worth EUR 1,260,000.00 during Partner 2019 for production of aircraft, overhaul and development of a new aircraft for „SmartLink" Dubai.

The Contracts refer to the upgrade of UTVA 75 two-seater, which will re-start production of this type of aircraft after more than 30 years. In addition, the contracts include development and elaboration of the utility aircraft design documentation and other services related thereto provided by „Utva Aircraft Industry".

„Jugoimport–SDPR" has invested more than five million euros in Utva manufacturing plants in order to create the conditions for development and production of aircraft, and to improve overall capacities and service quality of the factory.

By implementing the above agreements, we shall be able to help the progress of the company and the Serbian aircraft industry. The highly important fact is that such contracts enable direct investment in top-notch technology in Serbia.

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