Events 26.08.2014.

65th anniversary of successful business operations Yugoimport- SDPR J.P.

This year, on June 27, J. P. Jugoimport-SDPR is marking the 65th anniversary of successful business operations. The anniversary will be marked in a working atmosphere, quietly and modestly to blend in the spirit of the general rationalization program and cost cutting, as has always been the practice and tradition of our Company. During its 65 years of business operations, Jugoimport-SDPR has survived through the various phases in the evolution of the country/countries – company founders, sometimes taking a curving path through business environment, seeking to find the optimum business model for the given circumstances and conditions that had governed both domestic and international environment and defense market. All this time, Jugoimport-SDPR has never approached the general public by insisting on either its mission or volume of operations, nor has it tried to build up an image of a company with a great importance for the country.

With the arrival of the new management in the fall of 2012, a new organizational architecture had been introduced that paved the way for a more rational and efficient business, while still keeping the main orientation towards already affirmed business missions, with all the business support from its owner – the Government of the Republic of Serbia, and in line with that, full cooperation with the institutions and establishments under the Ministry of Defense. In organizing and implementing its systematic integrated appearance on the global defense market, Jugoimport-SDPR can also boast of cooperation with other relevant state institutions, especially the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

With the arrival of the new management, the activities related to investment in the so called Second Business Mission i. e. in in-house research, development and production of complex combat systems, had been continued and intensified, as well as investment into production of semi-finished products and components vital for completion of the whole production cycle for various types of ammunition, which is a highly significant strategic product of the Serbian defense industry. In light of the above, we are proud to say that from the end of 2012 till now we have managed to extend substantially the scope and range of products manufactured in the Complex Combat Systems Factory in Velika Plana, and in the Forging Center in Valjevo, with prominent trends for further development of these companies by making considerable investments towards these ends.

From the onset of 2013, Jugoimport-SDPR has also intensified its presence at international defense exhibtions, as the most transparent presence model on the global market. This intensification is reflected in a larger number of shows, and thus a larger number of countries and regions, as well as in the greater scope and content of each appearance individually. The new organization has also enabled a more efficient market research, and following of the trends in equipping and analyzing buyers' needs, all resulting in better performance with respect to both main business missions. We have also made a new, modern web presentation.

In the same period, Jugoimport-SDPR J.P. has been strengthened by a significant number of newly recruited young professionals, with whom it will, jointly, continue along its successful path paved back in the long-past 1949.

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