The VZS-1 is intended for the realistic simulation of flame combat agents and thermal effects of nuclear explosion. Fire could be simulated at clothing, equipment, armament and ground. It is suitable for a wide variety of training purposes including anti-fire protection.


The VZS-1 application makes it possible to:

  • See the effects of flame agents action
  • Train personnel in anti-fire measures
  • Train personnel in overcoming fire obstacles and fear of fire Thanks to its low density, the VZS-1 floats and      burns at water surface. To make its



  • Barrel diameter: 270 mm Barrel height: 410 mm Mass: 13 kg
  • Composition: viscous sticky material based on petrol and caoutchouch  3-5 mm
  • layer burning time: 4 min
  • Burning method: by open fire (match, candle...)
  • Shelf life:2 years
  • flame more extensive, it can be diluted by petrol in any rate.



 Transport packing: waterproof paper board case Transport packing size: 555mm x 285mm x 422mm No. of PCs/transport packing: 2 pieces Overall mass of transport packing: 31 kg