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SOVA is an upgraded four-seater version of the basic UTVA 75 two-seater, intended for initial training (and selection), sport flying (in aircraft sport clubs) and tourism. It can optionally be used for reconnaissance, patrolling, photo-shooting and other operations, and carry weapons if furnished with appropriate equipment.

One special advantage of this aircraft version equipped with advanced digital displays is that it can be used for initial training of several trainees, reducing considerably the cost of the training.

Basic aircraft versions are certified according to the Federal Aviation Regulations (F.A.R. – Part 23: Airworthiness Standards), UTVA 75 for utility category, UTVA 75A41 in normal category, and this version (SOVA) will be additionally certified according to CS-23 (Certification Specifications for Normal, Utility, Aerobatic, and Commuter Category Airplanes), also in normal category.

SOVA is an all-metal low-wing single-engined aircraft with a „side by side“ arrangement of seats and a fixed landing gear.