Додатне слике

Додатне слике

Rocket S8 KOM

The S-8 KOM unguided aviation rocket with a holly-charged fragmentation warhead of impact effect is designed for destroying of ground armoured targets (tanks, selfpropelled guns, armoured vehicles, armoured personnel carriers ), unarmoured ground targets ( missiles, launchers, radar stations, aircrafts and helicopters on parking places, etc.) , the enemy forces and is used as armament on board the front-line aviation aircrafts.

The rockets are fired from single-loading 20-barrel launching pods of the B-8M1 type with rocket protection against kinetic heating and from launching pods of the B8V20 type.

The rocket consists of warhead and rocket motor, nozzle block and fin assembly covered by casing.


  • Caliber (mm) 80
  • Length (mm) 1535.5
  • Rocket velocity (m/s) > 600
  • Rocket Mass (kg) 10.9
  • Operation Temperature (o C) -60 ~ +60
  • Burning Time (s) 1.1
  • Total Motor Impulse (Ns) 6540
  • CEP( ‰) ≤3


  • Length (mm) 515
  • Warhead Mass (kg) 3.6
  • Explosive Mass (kg) 0.9
  • Armor penetration (mm) 400